C.Leaf, The Way Out, 2007. Steel.

Though not all, many academic institutions are bullshit.  You pretend that you have something to teach me and give me an assessment based on my “performance,” which is pretty much how much you like my interpretation of your supposed teachings?

Especially Art Criticism and Fine Art.

Criticism:   Institutions claim their superior ability to think, interpret, analyze pieces of art, and that it is even teachable.  What is art?  How do you talk about art?  How can you claim that there are even answers to those questions?
And wth do the GRE’s have anything to do with that??

Fine Art:   Likewise, institutions claim that there is something to teach in the way one must perceive, feel, and execute things/feelings/ideas that do not exist in the realm of verbal language and logic/rationality.  So you studied some art history.  You think what you consider the definition of art stems from a legitimate background of studying the patterns in history, but does that necessarily equal what art means now?

NOW.  THIS generation, the internet generation, defines the now.  You can observe, but don’t intrude unless you are willing to be a respectful participant.  Don’t impose your pretentious academia on something that cannot be taught.

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