November 22, 2011By candyUncategorized

Candy Koh. Untitled, 2011. oil pastel on paper. Dear Mr. Critic–             Years ago, when you looked at my coffin, my baby, my soul, you said it was self-indulgent and sensationalist at best.             Did it remind you of the newest trend in Chinese art flooding the New York scene? Was it too blunt for … Read More

night walk

November 15, 2011By candyUncategorized

before heading off to drown myself in toxic fluids last saturday (as usual), i stopped by tribeca to pay a visit to a woman with a suitcase. that was pretty much all i knew about it– as part of performa 11, a biennial performance art festival that usually takes place in november, someone named laurence … Read More

ethics of collaging

November 8, 2011By candyUncategorized

banana milk, 2011 the wooster group, an avant-garde theater group founded in nyc (greenwich village to be exact) during the mid 70’s by elizabeth le compte and some others. they are known for their collage works– they rework old plays, put actors as well as monitors, sound clippings on stage. the result is precisely that, … Read More


November 7, 2011By candyUncategorized

so much has happened as i struggled to negotiate the terms of a voyeuristic internet (blog) culture. missed connections, school, still continuing cycle of awakening and fall, more missed connections. and even if i believe no one will read these words, why do i project them into the void that is also public space? it … Read More