images in the age of mourning

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When my grandfather passed away a few months ago, they (honestly I don’t know who—the general consensus?) picked out a single portrait of him from when he was around 50 to serve as the official photo for the funereal ceremonies. Unlike some Western ceremonies, traditional Korean funerals do not have wakes, whether the body is … Read More

monotone monochrome

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Review of Surface, Support, Process: The 1960s Monochrome in the Guggenheim Collection As The Guggenheim closes its central spiral space in preparation for a show of works by another art world super star, John Chamberlain (opening on February 24th), the museum has decided to use some of its peripheral galleries as throw-back spaces for the … Read More

american hello kitty

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Review of Joyce Pensato’s “Batman Returns” @ Friedrich Petzel Gallery 537 W. 22nd St. Out of all the mainstream American superheroes, Batman has enjoyed a particular kind of attention as the alluring bad boy of few words: one that fights evil, but whose motivation stems from a place as dark as that of his own … Read More

please be advised

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Review of Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party” at the Brooklyn Museum  Let’s first lay down some highlights of the artist’s achievements for the feminist cause: Judy Chicago (American, born 1939) was one of the pioneers of the feminist art movement in the 70’s, a major figure that directly challenged the marginalization of women in the … Read More

hall of fame

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Review of “Hide/Seek” at the Brooklyn Museum  Unfortunately, but perhaps inevitably, my high hopes for the arrival of Hide/Seek to the Brooklyn Museum—the first major museum exhibition focused on sexual identity—was met with a good deal of disappointment. I don’t deny that the Smithsonian scandal played a major role in the untethered growth of this … Read More

luxury toilet paper

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Review of “Grisaille” at Luxembourg & Dayan Gallery @ 64 E. 77th St. New York, NY 10075  The title of Luxembourg & Dayan’s latest exhibition in New York City makes no attempt to deceive; Grisaille, a term applied to gray monochrome Renaissance paintings, consists precisely of works—spanning from the 16th century to the present—that are … Read More