a working writer’s compromise?

May 17, 2013By candyUncategorized

in order to give myself something to do (and to avoid post-graduation panic), i decided to apply for and take on a job as a korean “cultural reporter,” specializing in art exhibitions. the work is fairly lightweight: around two articles a month, posted on a special section of the organization’s website. here’s the catch(?), though. … Read More

crumbling atlas

May 3, 2013By candyUncategorized

when i finally emerge from a winter-long sleep, i usually find it very difficult to leave the house “just because” the weather is nice–there must be a destination containing some element that is “useful” or “relevant” or conducive to “productivity.” so i make extensive plans (which i rarely adhere to, except maybe a very small … Read More

spring = rebirth, or something..

May 1, 2013By candyUncategorized

long time no write. for the past few months (the entire winter) i have been in hibernation, namely with a very specific occupation: my thesis. i have not seen much “real art” in a very long time, but instead have steeped myself in various seemingly trivial media: twitter feeds, celebrity news and interviews, youtube videos. … Read More