olympia, concubine muse, live!

June 28, 2013By candyUncategorized

paul mccarthy life cast at hauser & wirth  32 east 69th street may 10, 2013 – july 26, 2013 the sight of an objectified female body has never really been strange to the art histories of civilizations. for my purposes i am generalizing to refer to “the east” (japan, etc) and to “the west” (from … Read More

politics of psychogeography

June 24, 2013By candyUncategorized

as i have been jotting down notes for my biennale article for a publication (and a travel grant application to go back to venice), i have been thinking a good deal about politics of navigating space, perhaps better put as a foucaultian/neo-marxist approach to psychogeography, a term i learned last year at the conflux festival. urban … Read More

leisurely disappointment

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maybe the new york city art world has a weakness for work that utilizes the latest technology. you know, those cool installations that everyone talks about and wait in line for hours to see because only a few people are allowed at a time. the media and general word of mouth tend to fuel the … Read More

venice biennale and icp triennial

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the last post did not do justice to the impressiveness of the venice biennale. the scale and organization of the main show for one, but the “narrative,” as i called it before, is not as bland as i made it out to be. the shared experience, archival tendencies of human beings are placed in an … Read More

back from dreams to nyc

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i just returned from a ten-day dream trip from italy. it took me more than a month of laborious planning. i went through three cities: rome, florence, and venice. with approximately three days in each, i had to set up the most perfect itinerary to take advantage of my brief stay. venice, however, i did … Read More