On Pop Culture and “Art” + “Blurred Lines”

March 26, 2014By candyUncategorized 3 Comments

Brief thoughts about pop culture spilling into “art” and vice versa: Installation view of The Last Brucennial. Foreground Sculpture: HUSK, 2013 by Parker Shipp, Video:AMERICAN REFLEXXX, 2013 by Alli Coates and Signe Pierce             Many people have probably witnessed some of the debates about gender equality and representation when the two music videos for Robin Thicke’s … Read More

RANT on The Whitney Biennial 2014

March 21, 2014By candyUncategorized

View of hauntteddd!! n huntteddd!! n daunttlesss!! n shuntteddd!!, 2013 by Charlemagne Palestine. Twelve-channel sound installation on stairwell landings at the Whitney Biennial 2014.             Some of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen people make about art are judgments and (more unfortunately) entire practices based on empty formalism. My observation is neither a strikingly new revelation nor a … Read More