Christine Ay Tjoe: Perfect Imperfection

June 19, 2015By candyUncategorized

First Type of Stairs (2010), oil on canvas. My review of Christine Ay Tjoe’s solo as it appeared on ArtAsiaPacific: A curator’s hand can make or break an artist’s work. “Perfect Imperfection,” the first solo exhibition in Korea of prominent Indonesian artist Christine Ay Tjoe, is evidence of one such making. The show reflects the … Read More

Absence and Neglect

October 16, 2014By candyUncategorized

For some reason I actually thought that there actually did exist some sort of ontological dispute taking place through or under the guise of an ostensibly linguistic dispute about the definition of art, as manifested by recent lawsuits involving appropriation artists. Silly me. It all comes down to money. Why did I think I could … Read More

Fluid Pot of Koreans in NYC: On “KOREA” at FiveMyles

July 6, 2014By candyUncategorized

View of Yooah Park’s Music Box series (2013) and North Korean posters (from left to right) by Kim In Chang and Ji Jeong Sik. “KOREA” at FiveMyles Gallery 558 St. John’s Place Brooklyn, NYC June 25 – July 13, 2014             The exhibition simply titled “KOREA,” curated by Han Heng-Gil, is a rare occasion, if … Read More

Psy Part II: “Hangover” with Snoop Dogg

June 10, 2014By candyUncategorized

Let’s get straight to the point. Initial thoughts: This new video is interesting for several reasons, but mainly for one: it overturns and/or complicates the arguments about cultural and racial hegemony in my thesis, almost as though it were made in response to the perceived reductivism residing at some points of my reading of the … Read More

On Pop Culture and “Art” + “Blurred Lines”

March 26, 2014By candyUncategorized 3 Comments

Brief thoughts about pop culture spilling into “art” and vice versa: Installation view of The Last Brucennial. Foreground Sculpture: HUSK, 2013 by Parker Shipp, Video:AMERICAN REFLEXXX, 2013 by Alli Coates and Signe Pierce             Many people have probably witnessed some of the debates about gender equality and representation when the two music videos for Robin Thicke’s … Read More

RANT on The Whitney Biennial 2014

March 21, 2014By candyUncategorized

View of hauntteddd!! n huntteddd!! n daunttlesss!! n shuntteddd!!, 2013 by Charlemagne Palestine. Twelve-channel sound installation on stairwell landings at the Whitney Biennial 2014.             Some of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen people make about art are judgments and (more unfortunately) entire practices based on empty formalism. My observation is neither a strikingly new revelation nor a … Read More

shout out to the REAL ART CRITICS

February 13, 2014By candyUncategorized

Aftermath of Thomas Albrecht’s Performance at Grace Exhibition Space, Body / Mass, Feb 7, 2014 Preliminary remarks: I decided to forego the no-capitalization policy I have tried very stubbornly to uphold. I wanted to create a more casual and approachable aspect to my writing, and also attempt to eliminate hierarchy that capitalization sometimes bestows on … Read More

more nights with weird art people

January 14, 2014By candyUncategorized

it’s easy to fall out of touch with a world–you need only to allow yourself to hang out by cliffside and fall away–half-accident, half-voluntary, with a hint of relief that you are no longer committed to it. the fall-out sheds friendships as well as responsibilities tied to all those things, like love. no pain, no … Read More

in defense of a legal education

November 10, 2013By candyUncategorized

if you had told me six months ago that i will be applying to law school, i would have laughed at your face. i have long held a bias against lawyers–i was raised by a liberal mother with an “unconventional” career path (at least, only few would perceive being an artist as a standard 9-5 … Read More