art and academia

February 3, 2011By candyUncategorized 1 Comment

                                           C.Leaf, The Way Out, 2007. Steel. Though not all, many academic institutions are bullshit.  You pretend that you have something to teach me and give me an assessment based on my “performance,” which is pretty … Read More


January 15, 2011By candyUncategorized

you know why third world countries are third world countries?  because they don’t get sex ed.  they just fuck like animals and the men refuse to assume responsibility because they’re not the ones dealing with hormones and another living being inside of them. on another note.. i don’t even own an unlimited metrocard anymore.  that’s … Read More

early morning

January 8, 2011By candyUncategorized

what is it to “know”? to know is to overestimate your own capacity for understanding something, and to underestimate the magnitude of the entirety of that something. is there even an entirety? a chair, a cup, a house, a person.. knowledge is tainted by history and memories.  knowledge is not autonomous. we are not autonomous.

culture shock

January 5, 2011By candyUncategorized

back after 10 days consisting of: 2 snow storms 2 nights of clubbing good food for the most part difficult social situations x-ray, mri i am 5 pounds fatter and happy to be back. there seems to be a reason why certain countries are considered third world countries. is NY really a place for exiles? … Read More

professionalism and narcissism

December 21, 2010By candyUncategorized

what the hell is professionalism anyway? i have always been skeptical of blogs because: 1) they’re mostly vain and uninteresting to read 2) blogs allow anyone and everyone to smear shit all over the internet for people to see now, i can’t guarantee that the stuff that comes from me will be gold, but it … Read More